Collateral Development & Copywriting

The Brief

Sport tourism brings $12 Million to the city each year. Bringing sporting events to Calgary invigorates the city and supports the sports we love. These events nurture community, team spirit and fun. When Calgary Sports Tourism Authority needed to bring some well-deserved recognition to a city known for promoting sportsmanship, they brought us onboard to help make their pitch and their message heard. They wanted to showcase Calgary for what it is, a small city that hits above its weight and has earned its spot as one of the world’s ultimate sport cities.

The Work

Bold design and striking visuals differentiated this bid to help it stand heads above the competition. We wanted to showcase Calgary as a destination with determination. We highlighted the pillars of this brilliant city so that the message was striking and visceral: “We are winter, we are sport 365.”

This was not a time to be humble; it was a time to shine.

The Outcome

Tourism Calgary won! Out of 100s of cities, in 2014 they were chosen as the number one small sport city globally! They were also awarded the title of 5th ultimate sport city in the world. What more can we say? Other than that our partnerships are constantly win-win-win.