The Brandsmith Method: Insights & Strategy, Branding & Identity Creation, Marcomm Planning, E-Commerce Website Design, Photo shoot Creative Direction, Copywriting

The Brief

From the moment we met the Thermotex family, we were raving fans (if you ever stop in at the Brandsmith office, you’ll likely see at least one of us soothing an ache, or warming up with one of their unique far infrared systems). Their products are exceptional and, dare we say it, life-changing. They approached us to reposition their brand to match the evolution of their company, which has been established for 25 years. Their goal was to tell the Thermotex story across multiple channels with an evolved identity, updated collateral and a comprehensive marketing plan to engage new audiences without isolating existing fans.

The Work

We created a three-phased approach to strengthening the Thermotex brand and generating new fans of their incredible technology.

Phase 1
We set out by initiating research to gain insight and develop strategy. Using industry mapping, stakeholder conversation and competitive landscape analysis we identified the main Thermotex markets, captured client mentality and explored the best channels for telling the Thermotex story.

Phase 2
We began to bring the Thermotex rebrand to life by developing all necessary assets and tools, laying the foundation for marketing execution.

After understanding the needs and wants of customers, we developed a cohesive brand narrative and visual identity that would consistently and clearly deliver the message: we are trusted, caring, innovative, scientific and proudly Canadian. We supported their new branding with a suite of touch points such as a full e-commerce website, and sales tools that would effortlessly sing the praises of this humble company.

Phase 3
With the visual identity in place, and tools intact, we set about enacting implementation. Creating conversion through targeted tactics such as a wellness and athlete influencer promotion program spanning North America; proactive public relations; powerful media engagement; and a thoughtful digital sales strategy.

The Outcome

The North American-wide influencer program launched in early June of this year, and is expected to generate over a million impressions with high return on investment through third party advocacy. Most importantly, the campaign is meant to develop long-lasting relationships with roughly 20 highly influential practitioners and athletes. Public Relations initiatives are slated to generate a year-end ad value of 50K.

Lastly, a digital sales strategy is set to launch in early fall and will capture search that is relevant, understanding the current opioid and over-prescribed epidemic in a society that is trying to keep pain at bay.

We’re turning up the radiant heat with Thermotex (a little infrared humour for you). With a national E-Commerce site, individuals now have access to a technology that can soothe through the amazing Thermotex far infrared pain management line for people, pets and horses.