Brand Development, Interior Artwork, Video Direction, Video Conceptualization, Photo shoot & Website Development

The Brief

Stories are what life is made of. When the Teatro group decided to open up a funky Italian café and restaurant in the heart of downtown we helped tell a story of detail and subtlety with more than just a dash of romance. Like your Italian aunt was not only a great cook, but also looked beautiful and maybe even had a nose ring. Our story telling and image crafting set the tone for an extraordinary culinary experience.

The Work

We directed photos, videos and our staff to create a beautiful old world atmosphere with a twist. Paying special attention to creating those perfect moments. The video story was linear and engaging, highlighting the preparation of a sit down meal, and the pleasure of a great coffee and treats to go. Visuals let people envision themselves indulging in the perfect moments unique to Cucina. Surrounded by wonderful food and heart-warming company. These are the timeless elements of the human experience that we called on for our work for Cucina.

This was not a time to be humble; it was a time to shine.

The Outcome

Cucina’s logo won accolades, with each detail emphasizing a unique element of Cucina’s story. The video we created stole hearts and Cucina evidently stole the show. We aim to make our client’s happy but we didn’t turn down the Anvil Merit award we won for exceptional logo craftsmanship either, coincidentally, the only logo award submission we have ever done. The result was atmospheric and ambient, telling a clear story that would make mouths water.