Brand Development, Web Development, Software User Interface, Consultation and Product Packaging

The Brief

Cooley core develops software so masterful and complex it may just be the coding equivalent to our creative director’s brain. Cooley core needed us to create an identity to encompass their brand while setting each of their unique products apart. They had a suite of offerings that needed to stand out from the competition but stand together at a deep, cellular level. The Beacon Suite has great following from engineers but it needed branding to make it a visual leader in the field.

The Work

We thought about simplicity, about parts that work together in the background to make the complex simple, to make something profound. Pieces like a genes or a net: things that are fundamental and work together. We wanted to visually tell the story of this intelligent company and deliver with impact. We thought big; we thought very very small. Then we kicked the box to the curb only to colour all over it. We created an identity as simple and yet fundamental as a molecule. Each part was distinctive and cohesive, while each part of the product suite was assigned it’s own ionic symbol. We consulted on the software itself, making sure that it was user friendly and visually consistent. We built a website as usable as it was beautiful. Our work showcases all the products simply and attractively, allowing customers to access the nucleolus of the brand.

The Outcome

This project was a stupendous success. Bright colors and simplicity made the identity progressive, innovative and stand apart. The owner of the company attributes much of his success and following to the design of his products and website. The owner of Cooley Core continues to get great feedback on his website and business cards. Our work has allowed Cooley Core to shine as an industry leader.