Brand Development, Interior Artwork, Marketing Collateral & Guerrilla Marketing

The Brief

Bold, fresh and fun. The Arts Commons – a cultural hub in Calgary, needed to re-invigorate their space with a complimentary new venture. Our work had to bring customers into a space that had never had a real presence. How better to do that than with coffee and thin-crust pizza? The space was challenging and Teatro handed the question over to us: How do we update and unify a space that is split down the middle? The Teatro group brought their trademark quality and we brought our design chops.

The Work

We outfitted the space with high contrast artwork, striking a bold note with pops of color and a timeless identity. We created a logo that gets coffee cravings flowing. Loyalty cards, menus and hand-drawn illustrations poured out of our initial concept, percolating ideas that are strong and fresh. Every design element was created to emulate the space, showcasing the great design work by FRANK and getting bodies into the building.

Because we know Calgary loves to ride effortlessly and in style, we built literal bike signage that drove home the message: there is something new inside, and it’s good to-go!

The Outcome

The outcome was equal parts form, fun and fantastical. Our artwork complimented the always fresh FRANK designed interior. Bright canary yellow breathes energy and a certain amount of cheerfulness into the space. Illustration artwork added intrigue, mod ambiance and, if we do say so ourselves, funkiness to this delectable little café.