Collateral Branding, Copy Writing, & Website Development

The Brief

Checker Yellow Cabs, Tourism Calgary and Travel Alberta approached us with a pretty wonderful problem: how do we get people aware and excited about Calgary’s first and only multi-brewery tour? Passion and integrity have allowed Alberta brewers to carve out unique identities and flavours and despite commendable individualism, they were ready and willing to work together. Working in collaboration with these breweries, Tourism Calgary, Checker Transportation and Tourism Alberta conspired to create something exceptional: the first multi brewery tour in Calgary. This brand new venture needed an identity, a website and brochures to capture the spirits of the mad men and women who came together over the love a great brew.

The Work

We wrote, we drew, we researched and we strategized. We got inspired over a good drink and kept working. The logo we created was bold, multifaceted and a symbol of everything amazing about our city and our brewers. The palette was inspired by the color of wheat, of fine beer and quality. The wordmark was centered perfectly below the mountains and above the prairies, with striking reference to the grass-roots ingredients that make the most exceptional beers. The logo was built to live across a variety of collateral, fitting perfectly onto coasters and brilliantly accenting business cards.

The rest of our concepts poured out of this bold logo: our wordsmithing was both impactful and fun, and our website was as unique and multifaceted as the spirit of the city it represents.

The Outcome

Each piece of the Calgary brewery tours showcases the home and the heart of the brewers, distillers and mazers who came together to craft the perfect brewery experience. Our awareness building came together in the perfect storm, to date ___#__ of tours have been booked using the Calgary Brewery tours website.