Brand Development, Interior Artwork & Website Development

The Brief

Our relationship with Bellissima has been longstanding. They were our first client and we have maintained a wonderful relationship with them since 2008. We have continued to evolve the Bellissima brand with each seasonal campaign adding to the Bellissima story. Our task was to create a campaign that would set the tone for spring and summer in style. To update a brand that has been around since 1975, our work needed to continue to elevate and reinforce the brand. They needed to reach newer, younger audiences and make an impact.

The Work

Working with photographer Jason Eng, we created a campaign with soft lighting, unique pieces and beautiful poses. The vision for the shoot was of artwork on a soft canvas color and form coming together to engage the viewer in a fairy tale like moment. The clothes looked beautiful and wearable. Using strategic insights we added a look book to Bellissima’s website, letting customers peruse and find something tempting. Updating the website to improve functionality and drive traffic. These changes define an experience for a new demographic. Each campaign and update we make strengthens and enhances the Bellissima brand.

The Outcome

In spite of economic uncertainty with competitors struggling around them, Bellissima is going strong. They have modernized and evolved, knowing that times of economic hardship present an opportunity to differentiate yourself and invest in improving brand strength. We refreshed and updated their website adding needed functionality. The campaign lives in multiple formats, on storefronts, websites and social media. As Bellissima has changed and grown, Brandsmith has enforced and supported these changes. Their website, campaign and images have all breathed new life and energy into a company that keeps evolving itself to only get better.