Campaign development, Branding, Creative Direction,Video Direction, Video Conceptualization

The Brief

Tourism Calgary wanted to build awareness for the best the city has to offer. While regional visits boasts 75% of travel, only 20% of this travel occurs within the winter months. Tourism Calgary knows that with challenge, comes opportunity.

65% of travelers choose destinations based in some way on an online video. This context became the footing for the seasonal campaign concept. The campaign goal: create awareness in three distinct areas: accessible winter sports, nightlife and arts and culture. We appreciate people’s desire to connect over a really good laugh and conceptualized videos that we at Brandsmith would love to watch ourselves.

The Work

We love to over deliver and over delight, setting the goal of making a whole lot of people laugh. We wondered, what if Google Autofill was a person and conveniently a Calgary ambassador? We created Auto Phil, the living incarnation of the automatic and strange suggestions that a certain search engine seems to find correct.

We got to writing, creative directing and conceptualizing, partnering with some of the brightest minds, the best acting talent and the passionate folks at Tourism Calgary. We had a good few belly laughs and vetoed a couple dad jokes (while secretly keeping them in our private joke arsenal).

Auto Phil became a humourous entity offering suggestions for experiencing Calgary in fantastical way. He would whisk advice seekers away on madcap adventures through the city, highlighting the best of Calgary and poking fun at himself along the way.

The Outcome

We think we’re pretty ducking funny and the Internet confirmed our best suspicions in the form of views, and engagement. We blew our targets out of the water with Youtube views 47% over target and unique visits to the website 28% over target. These results translated into the real world conversions, with growth in weekend hotel night bookings of 4.1% compared to 2014. Tourism and creativity make a pretty great pair, and we have creativity to spare.